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About CrysPack

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CrysPack was founded in 2005. We commit to develop and produce various types of packaging for high-tech sophisticated product. We have several series of products such as membrane box, sticky box, vacuum box, wafer box, sponge box and so on.


Membrane Boxes are constructed using a thin, highly elastic transparent film mounted to the top and bottom halves of a symmetrical box that offer you the perfect solution for devices or large objects that have an irregular shape or non-flat contact surface.


Sticky box is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our special gel -coated on the bottom, which can fixed tiny devices in the position of the transportation.
Vaccum box is an innovative method to pack extremely fragile or thin devices.
Optic Storage Boxes are ideal for keeping your optics clean and damage free for storage or transport.



  • Membrane Box
  • Gel Sticky Box
  • Vacuum Release Box
  • Optical Storage Box
  • Wafer Box
  • Sponge Box
  • Empty Plastic Box
  • Optical Protect Bag

Shockproof PS packaging with two elastic membrane CPK-M-200100

clear plastic membrane boxes for storage and display CPK-M-30050B

wholesale of transparent membrane box CPK-M-15016

Denture Membrane Box Small Denture Case with Film CPK-M-10050A

Euro Holder Logo Printing 3D Frame Membrane Box Suspension Display Plastic Jewelry Box CPK-M-20025

55*55*25mm Dental Membrane Box Dental Retainer Case CPK-M-5525

Gel Sticky Box

Gel Sticky Box

Packing Gel Sticky Carrying Box CPK-S-12016

Gel Sticky Box,Vacuum Release Trays,Gel Substrate Carriers & Packaging CPK-S-12025

Wholesale Durable Multi Purpose Plastic Moving Storage Box CPK-ST-5510B

One 85 mm x 85 mmGel Sticky Carrier Box – Transparent Cover CPK-S-8512

small plastic boxes for electronics CPK-S-6822

5″*5″ WAFER/LARGE SUBSTRATE CARRIERS with acrylic VR plates

6″*6″ Wafer/Large Format acrylic VR Plates

Silicon Wafer Chips Box- CPK-VR-4A

Plastic Optics Box- CPK-VR-4B

2inch Cryspack Substrate Carriers, Plastic Boxes with gel coating CPK-VR-2A

Plastic Blister Box Product -CPK-OP-2004X10

Wholesale Transparent Clear Plastic Box- CPK-L-C-1-16

Plastic Packaging Blister -CPK-OP-38.1X1

Rectangle Transparent Beads Box for Beads Storage – CPK-L-C-20(H3)

Custom Thermoformed Packaging- CPK-L-F-3030(H30)

Clear optical lens Blister Pack Box- CPK-OP-30(H5)

Wafer Carrier For 2 Inch -25 Pcs CPK-W-2

Silicon Wafer Container, -2″ Single Wafer Carrier Box CPK-SW-2

Silicon Wafer Holder – 4″ Wafer Carrier CPK-W-4

Custom Foam Inserts for Packaging CPK-SP-12025-25

Custom Clear Plastic Display Watch Box-P-6816

Lab Packaging Membrane Box – CPK-SP-6822


Transparent Mini Membrane Box -CPK-SP-13816-100A

Foam Inserts For Hinged Lid Plastic Containers: CPK-SP-12016-20

Clear Hinged Boxes CPK-E-5510

Clear Plastic Storage Containers Box CPK-E-7515

Rectangular Empty Plastic Storage Containers Box

Custom Plastic Transparent Box CPK-E-6816

Pack Clear Plastic Beads Storage Containers Box ,with Hinged Lid for Beads, Small Items, Crafts and More CPK-E-6822

Clear Storage Box,Clear Plastic Beads Storage Containers Box with Hinged Lid for Small Items CPK-E-8512


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