Custom Thermoformed Packaging

Custom Thermoformed Packaging- CPK-L-F-3030(H30)

Keep optical integrity intact with our thermoformed custom packaging. Our custom solutions are made out of low outgassing grade PET-G material, providing an exceptionally high-level of protection and convenience.

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Custom Thermoformed Packaging Features

  1. Precision Fit: These boxes are perfectly engineered around your unique optical components ensuring maximum protection with minimal excess.
  2. Aesthetics and Branding: Custom packaging designs that mirror your brand personality for a tactile, eye-catching experience.
  3. Material Selection: Assistance in selecting the correct grades and thicknesses of PET-G to use for your unique optical components, considering your environment.
  4. Properties: It uses an anti-static material to keep sensitive optical components from being damaged by electrostatic discharge.
  5. Advanced Packaging: We can create highly detailed and complex packaging shapes to perfectly fit your products, providing superior protection and a stunning visual impact.

Custom Thermoformed Packaging Applications

  1. Optical Lens Packaging: Protect your lenses, large and small with custom-fit thermoformed solutions
  2. Filter Packaging: Protect optical filter when not in use and while transporting.
  3. Custom Mirror Packaging: Once created to ensure no damages done in the first place said Mirrors surfaces through custom-designed packaging.
  4. Optical Component Kitting: Managing multiple optical components in a single, custom-molded package.
  5. Clean Packaging Solution: Offer a sterile & protective environment for your optical components with our Cleanroom Packaging.
  6. Retail Ready Packaging: Develop eye-catching packaging to highlight product visibility and boost sales.


Custom Thermoformed Packaging Advantages

  1. Differentiation of Product: Stand out from your competitors with unique packaging designs that is suited just for you.
  2. Supply Chain Control: Our optimized optimized Package Design can help you reduce shipping costs and improve logistics.
  3. Packaging and Labeling: This helps you to meet the required industry standards & regulations for packaging materials.
  4. One Clear High Impact Solution: Our custom-designed packaging prevents product damage during transportation and handling.


CrysPack’s OP series packaging boxes have been supplied to many famous optics companies


Custom Thermoformed Packaging


CrysPack’s L series packaging boxes are based on OP series that add more additional plastic boxes outside OP series boxes. So it will be safer and looks more grade.




Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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