Plastic Bead Organizer Bo

Plastic Clear Beads Storage Containers Box, for Collecting Small Items, Beads, Jewelry, Business Cards CPK-E-13816

Tired of tangled jewelry and messy drawers? Our Crystal Clear Bead Organizer Box is made from strong clear plastic. It measures 138mm x 63mm x 16mm outside, with a usable space of 132mm x 59mm x 13mm inside. This box offers impressive features that simplify your organization’s needs.

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  • Outside: 138*63*16mm
  • Inside: 132*59*13mm
  • Clear PS


Plastic Bead Organizer Box Features

  1. Crystal Clear CLARITY: Never dig through drawers again! The box has very clear sides which makes it perfect for knowing exactly what’s in the tub at a glance. Never again will you have to hunt down your favorite earrings, crafting supplies, or business cards.
  2. Secure Snap Lid: Keeps your items safe and prevents them from spilling out.
  3. Stackable Construction:  Maximize storage without sacrificing style. The flat top and bottom allow for neat and secure stacking, creating an organized and space-saving system.
  4. Compact Convenience: Don’t have extra area? Worry not! This box is built for maximum efficiency, with minimal output on your device. It is compact and will slide in anywhere from a drawer, to cabinet space or find itself right at home on your cluttered desk. Perfect for busy homes and workspaces.
  5. Lightweight Champion: Need your go-to essentials with you on the move? Drop it in your bag or purse without adding any extra bulk Great to keep your jewelry, craft supplies, or business cards together on the road.


Plastic Bead Organizer Box Applications

  1. Jewelry Box: Showcase and protect your jewelry collection with ease. This box keeps your treasures separated, safe, and beautifully displayed.
  2. Craftastic Companion: This transparent box can easily categorize beads, buttons, sequins and the rest of the crafting essentials, making your creative space clutter-free and inspiring.
  3. Business Card: Keep your cards organized and accessible for professional networking and lasting impressions.
  4. First-Aid kit: Make a small first-aid kit by filling one of these boxes with some bandages, pain relievers, and other basics. This clear design lays out everything in plain view, ideal for those surprising scrapes or migraines that need to be addressed.
  5. Travel Box: This light-weight box is perfect for packing toiletries, medications, or sewing kits efficiently for stress-free travel.


Plastic Bead Organizer Box Advantages

  1. High Presentation: This box is very stable. Its clear design can help you display your favorite jewelry, craft creations, or business cards with a touch of class.
  2. Superior Protection: Its construction keeps items safe from dust, scratches, and minor impacts.
  3. Being Transparent with Organization: The transparent design eliminates labels/ guessing for good. With that box, you can glance inside to find everything in your kit and save lots of time.
  4. Versatile-Benefits: From jewelry to business cards, this box adapts to various items, offering a versatile storage solution.


Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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