Silicon Wafer Container

Silicon Wafer Container, -2″ Single Wafer Carrier Box CPK-SW-2

Keep your semiconductor wafers in top condition when storing and transporting them with our Silicon Wafer Container. Ideal for displaying, carrying, and storing samples, it meets the specialized needs of semiconductor industry professionals.

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Keep your semiconductor wafers in top condition when st… Continue reading Silicon Wafer Container, -2″ Single Wafer Carrier Box CPK-SW-2


Silicon Wafer Container Features

  1. Robust Build: Constructed from premium materials that protect your wafers against scratching, dust, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) while handling.
  2. Single Wafer: Each compartment is for one wafer, which prevents cross-contamination and damage.
  3. Space-saving format: Minimal dimensions (Φ60mm x 12mm) to facilitate easy storage and increased homologous wafer transport efficiency.
  4. Seal it Up: A secure lid ensures that wafers remain safely contained within the box during transport or storage.
  5. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for storing and transporting a variety of materials, including sapphire plates, gold-plated devices, and more.


Silicon Wafer Container Applications

  1. Silicon Wafer Storage: It safely stores individual silicon wafers used in semiconductor fabrication processes.
  2. Optics and Electronics: Suitable for quartz plates, glass sheets, and other sensitive optical and electronic components.
  3. Semiconductor Industry: Essential for storing and transporting semiconductor wafers and related materials.
  4. Wafer Exchange: This creates a facility-controlled environment where wafers can be exchanged between people or tools within a cleanroom setting.
  5. Wafer Research & Development: Recommend solution for handling fragile wafers used as a part of R&D applications in storing and transferring.


Silicon Wafer Container Advantages

  1. Superior Wafer Protection: This box uses robust materials and a Secure lid to Protect Wafers during handling, storage, and transport.
  2. ESD Construction: Wafers especially need protection against electrostatic discharge in semiconductor fabrication.
  3. Optimized Workflow: The sleek design of the single-wafer inline transporter and its unique quick retrieval function greatly reduce pick-and-place time with easy operation.
  4. Budget-friendly: The reusable nature and compact design contribute to a cost-effective wafer storage and transport approach.


  1. Silicon Wafer Container    Silicon Wafer Container


CPK-SW-2-2    CPK-SW-2-3


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