Clear optical lens Blister

Clear optical lens Blister Pack Box- CPK-OP-30(H5)

Protect your fragile lenses with our trustable Clear optical lens Blister boxes. These boxes are designed from thermoforming plastic which is made with PET-G material.

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Protect your fragile lenses with our trustable Clear op… Continue reading Clear optical lens Blister Pack Box- CPK-OP-30(H5)


Clear Optical Lens Blister Features

  1. One Lens Per Compartment: Each lens sits comfortably in a compartment, protecting it from scratches, contaminants, and breakage.
  2. Non-Contact Security: It has an exclusive design that suspends the lens, making sure the optical surface never touches any packaging material.
  3. Excellent Product Visibility: These blister boxes allow crystal clear visibility of the product for inspection, quality control & customer attraction.
  4. Dust-free and Moisture-proof: It comes with an airtight seal to provide dust-free storage for optical lenses.
  5. Product Compatibility: It is constructed from ultra-durable, optical-grade plastic that is chemically resistant and prevents lens degradation.


Clear Optical Lens Blister Applications

  1. Optical Lens Packing: Perfect for the packing and displaying of higher end lensesfor retail, wholesale, or online sales.
  2. Packaging for Contact Lenses: Package contact lenses and accessories in a clean, sanitary way
  3. Packaging of Optical Components: For small optical components, like prisms/mirrors and beamsplitters.
  4. Lens Sample Packaging: It is best to package lens samples for distribution to customers, partners and laboratories.
  5. Medical Device Packaging: You can use these boxes to package optical components used in medical devices.
  6. Research and Development Packaging: It is designed to protect lenses during research and development processes.


Clear Optical Lens Blister Advantages

  1. High Protection: The separated blister helps to protect lenses against shocks, scratches, and dust.
  2. Clear Blister with Better Product Visibility: Through a clear blister box, the product is presented in a beautiful manner which enhances its presentation.
  3. Enhanced Design Solutions: Designed for more efficient use of package contents, reducing costs.
  4. Space-saving: Its smart size saves lots of space, reducing shipping costs.



CrysPack’s OP series packaging boxes have been supplied to many famous optics companies


Clear optical lens Blister


CrysPack’s L series packaging boxes are based on OP series that add more additional plastic boxes outside OP series boxes. So it will be safer and looks more grade.




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for a wide range of applications

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