Optical Storage Boxes

Optical Storage Boxes CPK-L-C-1-1

Our Φ25.4mm Optical Storage Boxes will keep your precious optics safe and sound! Thanks to the material they are made from, PET-G these containers will keep your components clean and protected.

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Size: Φ25.4mm/1pcs


Optical Storage Boxes Features

  1. Individual Compartmentalization: Each box will safely carry one optic, protecting it from scratches and contaminations.
  2. Non-Contact Protection: With a special design it has the feature of NO CONTACT and protects the optical surface from touching packaging material.
  3. Clear Box: Features the transparent box design, easy for inspection and inventory management.
  4. Secure Closure: Airtight Lid to Protect Lenses From Dust and Moisture, Ensuring Optical Quality.
  5. Lightweight: It is available in Φ25.4mm size which saves space and is perfect for securing single optics.
  6. Durable PET-G Construction: Provides excellent strength, chemical resistance, and productiveness.


Optical Storage Boxes Applications

  1. Optical Lens Storage: It is made to store your different lenses safely and protect them.
  2. Filter Storage: Guard lightweight lenses and optical filters from breakage or wear.
  3. Mirror Storage: It has a clean design that keeps mirrors safe from becoming dirty and scratched.
  4. Optical Component Storage: Can store your optical components e.g. prisms and beamsplitters.
  5. Archival Storage: Store valuable or historic optical parts.
  6. Point of Sale Display: Ideal packaging to display single optics for retail.


Optical Storage Boxes Advantages

  1. Maximum Product Safety: The box individually protects your products and keeps them clean from dust, scratches, etc.
  2. Brand display: Its transparent box design displays brands, making the product attractive.
  3. Space-efficient Design: The small compact size helps to conserve storage space and keep everything neat and organized.
  4. Versatility: Works with a wide range of optical components and for many applications.





Optic Storage Boxes  Optic Storage Boxes


CrysPack’s L series packaging boxes are based on OP series that add more additional plastic boxes outside OP series boxes. So it will be safer and looks more grade.


GM1A1203-L-C-1-1  Optic Storage Boxes 2


Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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