Transparent Beads Storage Containers Box

The optical protect bag is the economic methods to deliver lenses,designed with fabricators of high value coated optical components. They are manufactured with white hydroentangled polyester for soft protection. We have following types now. Other size also can be produced.

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The optical protect bag is the economic methods to deli… Continue reading Transparent Beads Storage Containers Box


P/N Size(outside) Size(inside)
CPK-P-2020 30*30mm 20*20mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-1”*1” 41*36mm 26*26mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-3030 40*45mm 30*30mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-4040 50*60mm 40*40mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-5050 60*75mm 50*50mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-6060 90*70mm 60*60mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-7070 80*100mm 70*70mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-2”*2” 61*86mm 51*51mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-3”*3” 89*127mm 77*77mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-3.5”*3.5” 99*139mm 89*89mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-105105 135*115mm 105*105 mm(±3mm)
CPK-P-5”*5” 157*137mm 127*127 mm(±3mm)


Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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