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After nearly 20 years of development, Fuzhou Cryspack Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cryspack) has become a world famous supplier in the field of precision packaging. Cryspack has been adhering to the quality policy of ” Today’s quality, tomorrow’s market.” Providing customers with reliable products and sincere services is Cryspack’s eternal pursuit.

Cryspack has created innovative solutions for the safe handling and shipping of leading edge technologies, and over 1000 active customers rely on Cryspack. Cryspack’s best-selling packaging includes but not limited to membrane box, vacuum box, gel box, optical storage box, wafer box, etc. All the products from Cryspack are in line with EU ROHS and REACH certification standards. They are widely used in semiconductor, optoelectronic, microwave, tele-communication, medical, automotive and other industries.


Cryspack’s perfect quality management system, innovative R&D team and fast-response sales network provide customers with a satisfactory purchase and use experience.

  • 1000+ Customers In The World
  • 2005 CrysPack Was Founded In
  • 100+ Company Employee

"Why Choose Us"

Our boxes

Membrane Boxes

Membrane Boxes are constructed using a thin, highly elastic transparent film mounted to the top and bottom halves of a symmetrical box that offer you the perfect solution for devices or large objects that have an irregular shape or non-flat contact surface.

Sticky Box

Sticky box is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our special gel -coated on the bottom, which can fixed tiny devices in the position of the transportation. Wafer Container is a packaging solution for semiconductor wafer.

Vacuum Box

Vaccum box is an innovative method to pack extremely fragile or thin devices.

Optic Storage Boxes

Optic Storage Boxes are ideal for keeping your optics clean and damage free for storage or transport.

CrysPack Vision: In case there is a faulty product, we'll inspect them and make free replacements for you.
CrysPack wants to be your first choice when you want to ship and handle your fragile and valuable products.


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