Rectangle Transparent Beads Box for Beads Storage

Rectangle Transparent Beads Box for Beads Storage – CPK-L-C-20(H3)

Crsypack Rectangle Transparent Beads Box gives you the ability to find that right bead quickly for your next project. Designed from PET-G Material, offering maximum durability and transparency. It can be a perfect gift for craft lovers.

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Rectangle Transparent Beads Box Features

  1. Clear Design: With the transparent design, you can see through your material for easy identification of contents.

  2. Durable and Clear PET-G Material: Made of durable, transparent PET-G material, providing excellent visibility and strength.

  3. Stackable & Secure: Stack on top of each other securely to prevent shifting. Also, they come equipped with tight lids so that your beads do not spill everywhere.
  4. Multiple Compartments: This box has many compartments for categorizing and storing beads of different sizes and shapes.
  5. Secure Lid: It includes a secure lid to keep your beads in place which keeps them safe during storage or transportation.


Rectangle Transparent Beads Box Applications

  1. Bead Storage: It is designed for organizing various types of beads, including seed beads, glass beads, and crystal beads.
  2. Crafting Supplies: You can also store small crafting items such as sequins, buttons, and jewelry findings.
  3. Seed Bead Container: It is particularly useful for containing the tiny little seed beads so that they never get lost or tangled with a variety of colors.
  4. Perfect Gift: Great as a gift packaging option where the recipient can use it to store beads or other small crafting materials.
  5. Travel Storage: Keep your bead collection with you during traveling, keeping them safe and organized.

Rectangle Transparent Beads Box Advantages

  1. Better organization: Any time you have different sections and a see-through body, you can find the right size beads quickly.
  2. Easily portable: This design is compact and lightweight, so it can be easily carried to showcase your beads in style!
  3. Space Saving: The rectangular shape allows for efficient stacking, maximizing your storage space.
  4. Long-lasting & Easy to Clean:  It is made from durable materials such as PET-G plastic. The smooth plastic surface is both environmentally friendly and easy to clean.



Multiple packaging
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