Optical Storage Box For Storage Trays- CPK-L-G-4040(H40)

CrysPack’s Optical Storage Boxes are the ideal solution for protecting your valuable optics stored within trays. The innovative chamfered design suspends the entire tray within the box, ensuring zero contact between the optics and the container walls or other packaging materials

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Optical Storage Box For Storage Trays Features

  1. Secure Storage for Organized Optics: CrysPack’s Optical Storage Boxes provide a secure environment for your optics within storage trays. These boxes protect your lens, filter, or reflector in storage and during transportation from scratches, dust mites, and other impurities.
  2. Productivity Boost: Organize your lab efficiently with CrysPack Optical Storage Boxes. Use these boxes to keep pre-sorted optics close at hand without blocking your work and you will soon see productivity increase.

  3. Secure Transportation of Optics: These Optical Storage boxes are a great way to safely transport your ordered optics. The chamfered design and low-outgassing PET-G construction safeguard your optics from physical damage during transit.

  4. Best for Long-Term Storage: Such boxes are great if you’re looking to store your optics without worrying about them going anywhere. It safeguards your sensitive optical interior parts from harmful pollutants, so they last longer.
  5. Tray Storage with Cleanroom Compatibility: You can protect your optics and keep them clean with these Optical Storage Boxes. Constructed of low-outgassing materials with minimal particle generation these boxes are perfect for cleanroom use.  


Optical Storage Box For Storage Trays Applications

  1. Organized Optics, Securely Stored: Optical Storage Boxes securely organize your optics within storage trays. When you are not using them, they can protect your lenses/filters/mirrors from scratching or getting dirty/dusty.
  2. Optical Laboratories: Ideal boxes for keeping and moving fragile lenses, filters, and mirrors without the risk of possible contamination.
  3. Optics Research Facilities: It helps to keep optics clean during experimental setups and data collection phases.
  4. Production Line: Protects optical components under production and assembling.
  5. Astronomy and Space Research: Prevents the contamination of lenses, and mirrors in telescopes as well as satellite systems.


Optical Storage Box For Storage Trays Advantages

  1. Extra Protection: It is constructed from PET-G material and non-contact suspension to eliminate friction debris, scratches, or marks.
  2. Operational Efficiency:  Optic Storage Boxes are designed to work smoothly in clean rooms. This means they fit well into environments where cleanliness is crucial, like labs or factories.
  3. Cost Effective: Capable to pack more optics in one container reducing significantly on cost.
  4. Industry Recognition: Many optics professionals prefer our boxes to keep their equipment safe.



CrysPack’s OP series packaging boxes have been supplied to many famous optics companies




CrysPack’s L series packaging boxes are based on OP series that add more additional plastic boxes outside OP series boxes. So it will be safer and looks more grade.




Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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