Lab Packaging Membrane Box – CPK-SP-6822

Our Lab Packaging Membrane Box makes your life easier by providing a neat and controlled environment to store the membranes & filters. Transparent plastic body for easy identification, with a customizable foam insert to keep each accessory nestled and conveniently at the ready.

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Lab Packaging Membrane Box Features

  1. Clear Construction: The plastic body of these bottles ensures you can easily identify what is inside, without interrupting your workflow.
  2. Forskbox Foam Insert: The high bond strength, low adhesion properties, and custom design allow the foam to be carved fast and accurate such that it can provide a fixed support for your membranes/media/filters when placed inside so it won’t move during shipping.
  3. Leakproof: Secure lid prevents contamination from dust, moisture and external elements.
  4. Space-efficient Design: A compact footprint (dimensions: 68*68*22mm external, and measures just under a square inch internally ) allows you to store more in the same lab space.
  5. Affordable: Available to be purchased at reasonable prices and low production runs, this is an affordable choice for labs of any size.


Lab Packaging Membrane Box Applications

  1. Membrane Storage: Store your valuable, fragile membranes from filtration to dialysis and lab procedures.
  2. Protect your Filter Media: Keep the integrity of your filter media along its entire lifecycle by creating a safe and controlled system for storage & transport.
  3. Biomedical Samples:Transport and store sensitive biological samples, such as tissue sections or microarrays, with optimal protection.
  4. Microfluidic Components: Keep microfluidics chips and other sensitive lab equipment functional and clean.
  5. Tiny Electronic Parts: Provide a safe place to store and transport tiny electronic parts that are used in laboratory instruments or research experiments.


Lab Packaging Membrane Box Advantages

  1. Enhanced Sample Protection: The combination of a clear plastic exterior and a customizable foam interior minimizes the risk of damage from impact, scratches, or contamination.
  2. Enhancement to Laboratory Efficiency: With this clutter-free design & organized compartments you can quickly identify and fetch the essential supplies for your laboratory.
  3. Economical Design: We manufacture this box with cost in mind and we price them down to be economically feasible even for labs making small batches of product.
  4. Adaptable: Store and transport more kinds of delicate lab contents using the Lab Packaging Membrane Box as a versatile solution.



Lab Packaging Membrane Box    Lab Packaging Membrane Box


GM1A1367-SP-6822    GM1A1368-SP-6822


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