Gel Sticky Box

Gel Sticky Box

Meet the Gel Sticky Box, revolutionizing gemstone handling for automated production lines. Delivering accuracy and consistency, our state-of-the-art plastic liner trays easily blend into your current process with a synthetic replication. 

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  • Outside: 65*60*8mm
  • Inside: 56*51*6mm
  • Grid pattern: 10*10
  • Cell size: 4.8*4.8mm


Gel Sticky Box  Features

  1. Low Friction Plastic Layer: Integrates in one touch within the automated production line
  2. Gel Coating: Ensures that your gemstones are glued without inflicting any damage or unwanted residue.
  3. Motor with transparent lid: see the contents comfortably.
  4. Thus, it is a reusable Design: providing you with long-term cost-effectiveness.
  5. Supplied in Color Options: Black, White, or Clear for versatile application


Gel Sticky Box Applications

  1. Gemstone sorting and grading
  2. Jewelry assembly and repair
  3. Gemstone examination and surveying
  4. Storage and transportation of gemstones
  5. Laboratory and Research Industrial Applications


Gel Sticky Box Advantages 

  1. Boosting Effectiveness: Automating Manufacturing.
  2. Increased Efficiency: The safe handling of gemstones prevents their loss and harm.
  3. Better Quality Control: Higher Inspection And Sorting Accuracy
  4. Cost-effective: possible to be used time and again, leading to less operational costs for at least 500 recycling circles!



Gel Sticky Box


Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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