New Leading Enterprises of Fujian High-tech “Little Giant”-Fuzhou Cryspack Opto-Electronic Technology CO., Ltd

2022.09.23 / By admin

Recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology published the “2022 Fujian High-Tech Little Giants” list. After strict selection and expert panel review, Fuzhou Cryspack Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd stood out from numerous enterprises and won the “Fujian Province High-Tech Little Giant enterprise” title. 

It is reported that the High-Tech “Little Giant” enterprise is a representative and leading demonstration enterprise selected by the provincial Science and Technology Department, the Development and Reform Commission and the Industry and Information Technology Department. The honorary title is the government’s high recognition of enterprises that engaged in strategic emerging industries in line with the national and municipal industrial development direction, and also the affirmation and encouragement of the selected enterprises in terms of innovation ability, research and development ability, and comprehensive strength.

Identification standard of Fujian High-Tech little Giantenterprises

•Enterprises belong to strategic emerging industries, such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy, biology and new medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, and Marine high-tech.

•Enterprises should be with strong innovation ability, good development potential, good market prospects, brand products with independent intellectual property rights, and representative and leading demonstration enterprises in the local industry.

•Enterprises need to have a technical innovation team that can continually carry out project development and technical innovation activities.

•Enterprises should have a research and development institution with necessary scientific research facilities, technical equipment and experimental conditions to accomplish the task of technological innovation;

Since its establishment, Fuzhou Cryspack Opto-Electronic Technology CO., Ltd has done a lot of research and development work in the field of strategic emerging industries. Cryspack has set up its own enterprise technology center and developed hundreds of related patented technologies. In terms of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, precise packaging of Cryspack have been mass produced and widely used throughout the country. This award of High-Tech “Little Giant” enterprise means that Cryspack has made a solid step in technological innovation. Cryspack will continue to increase investment in technology research and development, promote the transformation and application of more scientific and technological achievements.

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