Cioe 2022 (The 24th china international optoelectronic exposition)

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CRYSPACK will attend CIOE 2022 held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center during 7th Dec. to 9th Dec. 2022, it will be our honor to have you visit our booth at #3D85 (Precision Optics Expo & Camera Expo)for business.

CRYSPACK will display all its product ranges: SGS approved elastic membrane box, high quality vacuum box, precise gel box, customized sponge box, optical storage box, wafer container, optical protect bag, etc.

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CIOE 2022 (the 24th China International Optoelectronic Exposition) is known as the world’s largest optoelectronic event, CIOE 2022 will showcase up-to-date optoelectronic technologies and comprehensive solutions for optoelectronic applications, enabling industry players to source optoelectronic products, to gain latest marketing insights and to network with key Chinese optoelectronic players.

In total,6 Sub-expos and Concurrent Conference will present the Entire Optoelectronic Ecosystem.

Information and Communication Expo

Under the support of national strategy “Made in China 2025” and the “14th Five-Year Plan”, China will continue and enhance its investments in developing the optical transmission network to support the development of 5G. It is believed that the continuous development of 5G network will further sharpen the capacities and unit cost of fixed-line network and data processing modules in China. CIOE 2022 – Information and Communication Expo is the world’s most influential exhibition in information and communication industry, covering new products, technologies, and applications of the entire industry in optical chips, materials, components, modules, devices, and solutions. Over 900 manufacturers, integrators, equipment, and service providers will showcase their hot sellers such as optical devices and modules, optical communication chips and materials, optical communications system equipment, optical fiber & cable, production system equipment, etc.

Infrared Applications Expo

Infrared technology has been widely applied to various application scenarios that caused by the epidemic. China’s infrared enterprises played an important role to prevent and control the pandemic. It is expected that China’s infrared thermal imaging market size can reach USD 12.34 billion by 2025, with the increasing capacities and reduction of per unit cost of infrared devices.

CIOE 2022 – Infrared Applications Expo, known as the first and only professional infrared exhibition in China, is considered as the must-attend professional infrared products and technologies sourcing platform. Global leading infrared players from upstream to downstream of the supply chain will be displaying cutting-edge infrared products covering infrared equipment and application, infrared materials and components, UV technology, millimeter wave technology and application, etc.

Precision Optics Expo & Camera Expo

The significant demands of lens and camera modules had sharpened and upgraded precision optics products to meet the new standards and needs for the booming applications such as ADAS, smart phone, robots, drones, AR/VR. China’s manufacturers, who takes nearly 1/3 of world’s optics capacity, will be your ideal partner to meet the sourcing requirements and to inspire your applications with cost-effective products.

CIOE 2022 – Precision Optics Expo & Camera Expo as the only optical exhibition in Asia gathers 900+ leading companies from the world to showcase the state-of-the-art products such as optical materials, optical components, optical processing equipment, optical lens, camera module, optical coating technology and equipment and camera applications in, smartphone, automotive, AR/ VR, machine vision and industrial manufacturing. This event will be the ideal platform for peers from consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, defense and security, medical and other applications to source target products in China.

Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo

Driven by the China’s national strategy “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, China’s manufacturing processing is lifting to a higher level and in which lasers as the key supporting technology are becoming ready and mature. China’s laser industrial chain is fully completed now composing by laser materials, laser optics, lasers, laser accessories, and laser systems for processing, cutting, drilling, welding, and labeling.

CIOE 2022 – Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo is one exhibition focusing on laser technology in manufacturing, especially in fine processing field. It will gather 300+ leading laser brands to showcase the new products and technologies in lasers, laser equipment, laser materials, laser optical components and device. This event will help you to get a closer exploration into China’s market information, topnotch laser products and technologies.

Intelligent Sensing Expo

Sensors are widely used in emerging fields like industrial automation, aerospace technology, military engineering, robotics, security, autonomous driving, household appliances, etc. with the development of China’s technology level now. But when comes to high-end sensors, China is still a blue sea with very few players could make the requirements of high-end sensors.

CIOE 2022 – Intelligent Sensing Expo is the most effective event for manufacturers and service providers of 3D vision, LiDAR, millimeter wave radar, MEMS sensing and industrial sensors and measurement to have direct communication with users from the application fields of consumer electronics, intelligent driving, communication electronics, and intelligent manufacturing. Moreover, this expo will be a professional platform for manufacturer to showcase top-notch sensors, to execute branding, and to build new partnership.

Photonics Innovation Expo

CIOE 2022 – Photonics Innovation & Display Expo serves as a comprehensive platform for national research institutes and labs from universities to demonstrate topnotch result and achievements of their results, will be showcasing the leading edge photonics research and incubate projects.

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