GelPak Chip Container vs. CrysPack: A Detailed Comparison

2024.06.21 / By hqt

When it comes to storing and transporting delicate semiconductor chips and microelectronics, the choice of container plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and integrity of the components. Two of the leading options in the market are GelPak  Chip Container and CrysPack chip containers. This blog provides an in-depth comparison of these two products, focusing on their material and construction, chip protection mechanisms, and reusability.

Material and Construction

1.1 GelPak Chip Container


GelPak  Chip Container is renowned for their unique gel-coated surface. This gel layer is specifically designed to securely hold chips in place, minimizing any risk of movement that could lead to damage. The material composition of the gel is such that it provides a delicate balance between firmness and flexibility, catering to the needs of highly sensitive electronic components.


The construction of GelPak  Chip Container involves a hard plastic outer shell that houses the inner gel layer. This dual-layer design ensures that while the outer shell offers robust protection against external impacts, the gel layer inside provides a cushioning effect. This combination is particularly effective in environments where chips are susceptible to shocks and vibrations.


The primary advantage of GelPak’s construction is its ability to provide superior protection for extremely delicate components. The gel’s adherence to the chips ensures that even the smallest movements are mitigated, significantly reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, the hard plastic shell adds an extra layer of defense against physical impacts.

1.2 CrysPack Chip Container


CrysPack containers utilize a foam-based material to secure the chips. This foam is designed to be both lightweight and highly effective at absorbing shocks. The material’s flexibility allows it to accommodate chips of various sizes and shapes, providing a versatile solution for different types of electronic components.


The construction of CrysPack containers involves placing the foam within a rigid plastic or cardboard casing. This design is intended to absorb shocks and vibrations, with the foam providing a snug fit for the chips. The rigid outer casing ensures that the container can withstand external impacts, while the foam layer cushions the chips inside.


CrysPack’s construction offers several advantages, including versatility and robust protection. The foam material can be customized to fit specific chip dimensions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the combination of foam and a rigid outer casing ensures that the chips are protected from both internal movement and external shocks.

Chip Protection Mechanism

2.1 GelPak Chip Container


The chip protection mechanism in GelPak  Chip Container relies on the gel layer’s ability to softly adhere to the chips. This adhesion prevents the chips from moving within the container, thus protecting them from potential damage caused by shocks or vibrations during transport.


This mechanism is particularly effective for protecting extremely delicate and small components, such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and optoelectronics. The gel’s soft yet firm grip ensures that even the slightest movements are controlled, providing a high level of protection.


GelPak containers are ideally suited for applications where the utmost precision and protection are required. Industries that handle highly sensitive and miniature electronic components often prefer GelPak for its superior protection capabilities.

2.2 CrysPack Chip Container


CrysPack containers use a combination of foam and air cushioning to protect the chips. The foam holds the chips in place, while the air pockets within the foam provide additional shock absorption. This dual-layer protection ensures that the chips remain secure and are less susceptible to damage from external forces.


This system works well for a wide range of chip sizes and types, offering robust protection. The foam’s flexibility allows it to adapt to different chip dimensions, while the air cushioning adds an extra layer of shock absorption.


CrysPack containers are versatile and can be used in various applications, from small semiconductors to larger integrated circuits. Their ability to provide robust protection makes them a popular choice for industries that require reliable and adaptable chip storage solutions.


3.1 GelPak Chip Container


GelPak containers are designed for multiple uses. The gel layer, while effective, may degrade over time with repeated use. However, with proper care and maintenance, the gel’s lifespan can be extended, allowing the containers to be reused multiple times.


The durability of GelPak containers is enhanced by their hard plastic outer shell. This shell provides robust protection against external impacts, ensuring that the container remains functional even after repeated use. The gel layer, although susceptible to wear, can be cleaned and maintained to prolong its effectiveness.


Maintaining GelPak containers involves regular cleaning of the gel layer to remove any debris or contaminants that may affect its adherence properties. Proper storage and handling can also help extend the lifespan of the gel, ensuring that the containers remain effective for longer periods.

3.2 CrysPack Chip Container


CrysPack containers are also reusable, with foam inserts that can be replaced if they become worn or damaged. This feature makes CrysPack containers a cost-effective solution, as only the foam needs to be replaced rather than the entire container.


The rigid outer casing of CrysPack containers ensures long-term durability, making them suitable for repeated use. The foam inserts, while replaceable, are designed to withstand multiple uses before needing replacement.


Maintaining CrysPack containers involves periodically inspecting the foam inserts for signs of wear or damage. Replacing the foam inserts as needed ensures that the containers continue to provide optimal protection for the chips. The rigid outer casing can also be cleaned and inspected to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Addressing Industry Challenges with CrysPack

4.1 Problem Overview

One of the most significant issues faced by companies in the semiconductor and related industries is yield loss and damage to devices during transportation and handling. Traditional waffle packs often fail to securely hold chips in place, leading to movement and migration outside of the pockets. This results in physical damage to the chips, with some companies experiencing scrap rates as high as 60%.

4.2 CrysPack Solution

CrysPack developed an innovative vacuum tray technology to immobilize devices during shipping, handling, and processing. The vacuum box (VR) fixes equipment securely during transportation, significantly reducing the risk of movement and damage. This technology relies on changing the contact area of the surface of the elastic film in the tray, maximizing surface contact to firmly fix the device in place during storage and transportation.

4.3 Impact on Yield

By utilizing CrysPack’s vacuum tray technology, companies can drastically reduce yield loss and damage. The firm fixation of devices ensures that they remain in optimal condition throughout the transportation process, thereby improving overall product yield and reducing scrap rates.

Flexibility and Customization

5.1 Problem Overview

The rapid pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry means that companies are constantly iterating their chip designs. This results in a need for packaging solutions that can accommodate devices of various sizes and dimensions. Traditional waffle packs with custom pocket sizes often come with long lead times and high minimum order quantities (MOQs), which can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

5.2 CrysPack Solution

CrysPack’s chip containers are designed with flexibility in mind. The foam-based material and vacuum tray technology can easily accommodate chips of different sizes and shapes without the need for custom pockets. This adaptability allows companies to quickly adjust their packaging to meet the evolving needs of their R&D and production processes.

5.3 Impact on Time and Cost

By eliminating the need for custom waffle packs, CrysPack significantly reduces lead times and MOQs. This enables companies to rapidly iterate their designs and bring new products to market faster. Additionally, the cost savings from avoiding custom packaging solutions can be redirected towards further innovation and development.

Contamination Issues

6.1 Problem Overview

Contamination is a critical concern in the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries. Traditional waffle packs can introduce contaminants, necessitating additional cleaning steps that add time and cost to the production process. Contamination not only affects the quality of the devices but also impacts their performance and reliability.

6.2 CrysPack Solution

CrysPack’s innovative vacuum box technology minimizes contamination risks by securely fixing devices in place and reducing the potential for particulate ingress. The design of the vacuum tray ensures that the devices are held firmly, minimizing surface contact and reducing the likelihood of contamination.

6.3 Impact on Quality and Efficiency

With CrysPack’s chip containers, companies can significantly reduce the incidence of contamination, leading to higher-quality products and improved device performance. The elimination of additional cleaning steps streamlines the production process, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing time to market.


Both GelPak and CrysPack chip containers offer unique advantages, catering to different needs within the electronics industry. GelPak’s gel-coated surface and hard plastic construction provide superior protection for highly delicate components, making them ideal for applications requiring precision and care. On the other hand, CrysPack’s foam-based material and rigid casing offer versatility and robust protection for a wide range of chip sizes and types, making them a cost-effective and adaptable solution.

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