Shipping Fragile: Gel Pack for Chips —Best Choice for Semiconductor Industry

2024.06.20 / By hqt

Transporting fragile semiconductor chips from foundries to manufacturers without damage or contamination is a complex challenge. The introduction of Gel Pack for Chips by CrysPack has revolutionized this process, ensuring chips arrive in perfect condition, free from particles, residue, and mechanical damage. This blog explores the challenges faced in the chip industry and how CrysPack’s innovative gel pack solution meets these needs.

Challenges in Chip Transportation

2.1 Preventing Damage

Maintaining Chip Condition

The semiconductor industry demands that chips arrive at the manufacturer in the exact condition they left the foundry. Even minor damage can render a chip useless, leading to substantial financial losses. Ensuring that chips are free from physical impacts, which could crack or shatter the delicate components, is paramount.

Avoiding Physical Contact

The fragile nature of semiconductor chips means that contact with any surface, including the top or sides of the device carrier, can lead to damage. The chips must be securely held in place without direct physical contact to avoid scratches or other physical harm.

Ensuring Secure Placement

During transportation, chips are subject to various forces that can jostle and displace them. A reliable method to hold the chips securely in place is crucial to prevent movement that could cause physical damage.

2.2 Contamination Prevention

Outgassing Concerns

The materials used to hold and transport chips must not release gases, a process known as outgassing. Outgassing can deposit unwanted residues on the chips, potentially compromising their functionality and leading to contamination during the qualification process.

Particle Residue

Particles and residues can interfere with the delicate structures on a chip, leading to failures during operation. Ensuring that the device carrier does not leave any particles or residues on the chips is essential for maintaining their integrity.

Clean Room Standards

Chips are often manufactured and handled in cleanroom environments to prevent contamination. The transportation method must align with these stringent cleanliness standards to maintain chip integrity from the foundry to the manufacturer.

2.3 Compatibility with Existing Processes

Standard Size Device Carriers

The foundry and manufacturer need a device carrier that adheres to industry-standard sizes. This compatibility ensures that the carriers can be integrated into the existing die handling processes without the need for extensive modifications.

Process Integration

The transportation solution must seamlessly integrate with the manufacturer’s existing process fixtures. This integration minimizes disruptions and ensures a smooth transition from transport to manufacturing stages.

Capacity Requirements

Meeting the capacity requirements is another critical aspect. The solution must accommodate the required number of devices per carrier and meet the annual shipping volume specifications set by the foundry.

CrysPack’s Gel Pack for Chips Solution

3.1 Innovative Gel-Coated Tray

Proprietary Gel Material

CrysPack developed a proprietary gel material for coating the trays. This material provides the right amount of holding force to keep the delicate chips in place without causing damage or leaving residues.

Pocketless Design

The pocketless design of the gel-coated trays eliminates the need for individual compartments, reducing the risk of mechanical damage during insertion and removal. This design also simplifies the loading and unloading processes.

Hinged Box for Protection

The Gel Pack for Chips trays are stored inside a plastic hinged box, offering an additional layer of protection. The hinged box prevents dust and contaminants from reaching the chips, ensuring they remain in a controlled environment during transport.

3.2 Ensuring Chip Safety

Secure Holding Force

The gel-coated tray’s holding force is finely tuned to secure the chips during transit. This feature ensures that the chips do not move or come into contact with each other or the tray, preventing physical damage.

Contamination-Free Environment

The proprietary gel material is designed to be non-outgassing and free from particle residue. This quality maintains a contamination-free environment, critical for preserving the chips’ integrity.

Robust Design for Transit

The robust design of the gel pack solution ensures that it can withstand the rigors of transportation. The hinged box and gel-coated tray combination protect against shocks and vibrations, further safeguarding the chips.

3.3 Seamless Integration with Manufacturing

Compatibility with Standard Carriers

CrysPack’s solution adheres to industry-standard carrier sizes, ensuring compatibility with the manufacturer’s existing handling equipment. This compatibility facilitates easy integration into the production line.

Customizable to Customer Needs

The gel pack solution can be customized based on the customer’s specifications, including the number of devices per tray and annual shipping volumes. This customization ensures that the solution meets specific operational requirements.

Streamlining the Supply Chain

By providing a reliable and efficient transportation method, CrysPack’s gel pack solution streamlines the supply chain process. Manufacturers can focus on production without worrying about chip damage or contamination during transit.

Benefits of Gel Pack for Chips Industry

4.1 Improved Chip Quality

Enhanced Reliability

The Gel Pack for Chips solution ensures that chips arrive at their destination in the same pristine condition they left the foundry. This reliability reduces the number of defective chips and enhances overall product quality.

Higher Yield Rates

By preventing damage and contamination, the gel pack solution contributes to higher yield rates in chip production. Manufacturers experience fewer losses, leading to increased profitability and efficiency.

Consistent Performance

Chips transported using gel packs maintain their performance characteristics, as they are free from damage and contamination. This consistency is crucial for applications in high-performance devices such as smartphones.

4.2 Cost Savings

Reduced Waste

The reduction in damaged or contaminated chips translates to significant cost savings for manufacturers. Less waste means more efficient use of resources and lower production costs.

Minimized Downtime

The reliability of the gel pack solution minimizes downtime associated with inspecting and replacing damaged chips. This efficiency keeps production lines running smoothly and reduces operational disruptions.

Streamlined Logistics

The compatibility with existing process fixtures and standard carrier sizes simplifies logistics and reduces the need for specialized equipment. This standardization further reduces costs and complexity in the supply chain.

4.3 Environmental Benefits

Sustainable Materials

The materials used in CrysPack’s Gel Pack for Chips is designed to be environmentally friendly, contributing to sustainability efforts in the semiconductor industry.


The robust design of the gel packs allows for multiple uses, reducing the need for single-use packaging and lowering the overall environmental impact.

Reduced Contamination

By preventing contamination, the gel pack solution reduces the need for additional cleaning processes, which can involve harsh chemicals. This reduction contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing process.


CrysPack’s Gel Pack for Chips solution addresses the critical challenges faced by the semiconductor industry in transporting fragile chips. By preventing damage and contamination, ensuring compatibility with existing processes, and providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions, CrysPack has set a new standard in chip transportation. As an integral part of the smartphone supply chain, these gel packs ensure that chips reach their destination in perfect condition, ready to be integrated into the latest technological innovations.

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