Cryspak® Vacuum Box For Shipping and Handling Fragile Chips & Bare Die

2022.04.19 / By admin

Chips and Bare die are extremely fragile devices that need to be stored and handled by using special packaging.   To avoid breakage and yield loss during transport and offloading, CrysPak’s Vacuum Release TraysTM provide the ideal solution to ensure that fragile chips remain damage-free during transport.

Chips packaged in a Vacuum Release TrayTM lay on a mesh material over a gel membrane. This provides optimal gel surface contact and immobilizes the chips during shipping and handling. The gel surface contact can be minimized for chip removal by applying vacuum to the underside of the tray.

Vacuum Release Tray Applications:

1. Extremely fragile or thin devices.
2. Handling chips & bare die.
3. No contact with edges or top surface of device.
4. Handling device sizes (X,Y) ranging from High-volume automated device Pick & Place applications.

Vacuum Release Configurations:

1. Four tack levels available (extra low, low, medium and high)
2. 2” & 4 “ tray size based on JEDEC standard.
3. Gel Film membrane.
4. Available in variety of tray/lid /hinged box combinations: (Transparant;Conductive Black;Transparent Antistastic)
5. Can be customized with print or grid.
6. A wide range of mesh geometries (16, 33, 76, 103, 137, and 195)

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