Multi Purpose Plastic Tray

Wholesale Durable Multi Purpose Plastic Moving Storage Box CPK-ST-5510B

Maximize your workflow with CrysPack Multi-Purpose Plastic Tray Capable of securely retaining components while quickly automating the assembly process, this flexible solution is useful in a range of industries.

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  • Outside: 55*55*10mm
  • Inside: 51*51*7mm
  • (Printing lattice)
  • Stickiness level: High, Middle, Low
  • Color: Transparent&Transparent /Transparent & Black/Black & Black


Multi Purpose Plastic Tray Features

  1. Adjustable Stickiness: Use as much or as little adhesive transfer tape as you need depending on the size and weight of the components.
  2. Automation Compatibility: Forward footprint for integration in modular production lines, automation-compatible
  3. Sized To Perfection: compact & organized, each mold is designed to fit the right amount of food on and between layers so that your fridge and freezer remain clutter-free!
  4. Slim & Sleek: Perfect blend of dimensions to offer full utilization of system space.
  5. High-Quality Materials: This model is made to last and stand up against naturally occurring wear.
  6. Transparent choices: Visual transparency for simple inspection and real-time monitoring of components.


Multi Purpose Plastic Tray Applications

  1. Electronics Production: Stabilize the components within the conduction path, during soldering and inspection.
  2. Disposable Medical Device: Protecting sensitive items during manufacturing.
  3. Lab work: storing and organizing small samples or specimens.
  4. Quality control: Inspection and sorting of components
  5. Packaging and Distribution:  Ensuring that products are not damaged during transportation.


Multi Purpose Plastic Tray Advantages

  1. Higher Productivity: Faster throughput thanks to reduced handling times.
  2. Better Product Quality: Storing components prevents damage or contamination from mishandling.
  3. Cost-Effective: rugged design and flexibility to be used in a way that was keeping the operating cost low.
  4. Streamlined Work: Organized component management that helps with the efficiency of the system as a whole.



Multi Purpose Plastic Tray   CPK-ST-5510B-2


CPK-ST-5510B-3   CPK-ST-5510B-4


Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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