Gel Sticky Box

Gel Sticky Box,Vacuum Release Trays,Gel Substrate Carriers & Packaging CPK-S-12025

Gel Sticky Box is the perfect solution for packaging smaller vacuum release trays. Transparent in color with a hinged lid. This box comes equipped with a gel-coated bottom which naturally attaches to trays to eliminate movement and damage during transit.

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  • Outside: 120*93*25mm
  • Inside: 117*90*22mm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Stickiness: Low/Middle/High


Gel Sticky Box Features

  1. Gel-Coated Box Bottom with Security: This box is coated with a special gel that will lock your vacuum release trays into place and thus take perfect care of the items inside.

  2. Perfect Footprint: It has a 120*93*25mm exterior and 117*90*22mm interior, and has enough room to store your vacuum trays inside.
  3. Clear Design: The transparent box provides a clear view and easy access to the product.
  4. Customizable Adhesive Strength: Choose from gentle, medium, or strong gel adhesion for different tray requirements

  5. Secure Hinged Lid: Its secure lid feature protects your trays and other items from dust and dirt.

  6. Robust Construction: Build with high-quality, impact-resistant plastic and the sticky gel provides long-lasting protection to your valuable trays.


Gel Sticky Box Applications

  1. Semiconductor Manufacturing: It ensures that the storage and transportation of vacuum trays used in producing wafers are safe and secure.

  2. Medical Devices: This case keeps fragile medical trays clean for use in sterile environments.

  3. Cleanroom Operations: It offers a cleanroom environment ensuring the vacuum release trays are cleaned and mold-free.

  4. Aerospace: It can be used to safely transport and store vacuum release trays used in aircraft manufacture.
  5. Automotive Production: Perfect case to protect vacuum release trays in automotive part production.
  6. R&D: Transport and Store Vacuum Release Trays safely.



Gel Sticky Box Advantages

  1. Better Product Protection: The gel-coated bottom gives added safety towards any type of damage and contamination.
  2. Maximized Efficiency: This box can boost your productivity with its space-saving and high-performing features. All vacuum release trays are safely contained with the use of advanced gel technology to prevent slips and falls.
  3. High Visibility: The clear box design allows you to view the contents inside the box.
  4. Gel Stickiness: You can customize the gel stickiness level to meet the needs of your trays. Contact us to know more!


Gel Sticky Box


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