25X20X5cm Plastic Membrane Box Suspension Case Fragile Goods Storage Case CPK-M-25050

M2 Series(With hinge):

M2 series Membrane boxes are designed with hinges so that the box can be opened and closed easily. We have different size and shape (round, rectangular, square).Please chooses the items meet your requirements.

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  • Outside: 250*200*50mm
  • Inside:223*173*46mm
  • Two clasp, Two hinges.
  • Elegant appearance


CrysPack’s membrane box offer you the perfect solution for devices or large objects that have an irregular shape or non-flat contact surface.Membrane boxes are ideal for shipping 3-D objects such as Test Sockets, Optics, Prisms, Lenses and Crystals. Membrane Boxes are constructed using a thin, highly elastic transparent film mounted to the top and bottom halves of a symmetrical box (Most boxes are made of clear polystyrene). When the box is closed, the device is suspended between the two transparent membranes which conform to the device shape and securely hold it in place.




The high optical transparency of the membrane box packaging allows for inspection and visual checks without having to open the box. When the membrane boxes used for jewelry, many customers calls our products as 3-D SUSPENSION SEE-THROUGH PACKAGING AND DISPLAY FRAMES.




CrysPack is the professional and main membrane boxes supplier in the world. Most of companies who also sell membrane box bought the box from us. We have a wide range of shapes and sizes membrane boxes.


Multiple packaging
for a wide range of applications

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