Vacuum Release Box

Cryspack divides vaccum boxes into two series--VR-A series and VR-B series. VR-A is a set of vaccum box incuding a vaccum release tray, a cover and a clip. While VR-B is a set of vaccum box including a vaccum release tray and a hinged box. It is ideal for shipping, handling and processing extremely fragile or thin devices.

2inch Cryspack Substrate Carriers, Plastic Boxes with gel coating CPK-VR-2A

5″*5″ WAFER/LARGE SUBSTRATE CARRIERS with acrylic VR plates

6″*6″ Wafer/Large Format acrylic VR Plates

Plastic Optics Box- CPK-VR-4B

Silicon Wafer Chips Box- CPK-VR-4A

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Fuzhou CrysPack Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional package supplier for delicate and precision products.

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Membrane Box Series

Transparent membrane box are versatile containers made of various types of polymers. They are used in a multitude of settings, from households and offices to industrial sites.