The mobile phone and panel market is booming, driving IC foundry to raise prices again

2021.03.15 / By admin

According to China’s Taiwan Economic Daily, the mobile phone and panel markets are hot, and the industry has reported that UMC, World Advanced, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing and other foundries have successively increased relevant quotations. TSMC, which previously insisted not to increase the 8-inch foundry price, will start in April. Will also increase the driver IC foundry quotation.

According to industry sources, major manufacturers such as UMC, Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have all raised their 8-inch foundry quotations, mainly focusing on power management ICs and driver ICs. Recently, TSMC has also begun to adjust its 8-inch foundry price strategy, starting with driver ICs that were considered “relatively small but with the worst price” in the past.

Taiwan media pointed out that TSMC has not yet released information on the price increase of the IC foundry. The industry predicts that according to the current market conditions, if TSMC wants to keep up with the industry’s quotations, the increase should reach 35% to 40%.

Some people in the IC design industry revealed that the foundry capacity is now very tight and belongs to the “seller’s market.” Compared with other chips, the foundry prices of driver ICs have always been low. Recently, due to the rising demand for panels and mobile phones, relevant manufacturers will inevitably increase prices in order to strive for more production capacity.

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