In 2021, our company carry out fire emergency drills

2021.04.14 / By admin

On the morning of April 7, the company organized employees to carry out a fire emergency drill. According to the prior arrangement, at 2 pm, the commander-in-chief immediately announced the activation of the emergency plan. The emergency rescue teams were quickly assembled, and the rescue operations were quickly carried out according to the division of responsibilities under unified command. The evacuation guidance team immediately organized all employees of the company to evacuate in an orderly manner along the evacuation route in the office building and arrive at the designated place to meet. After a series of emergency rescue operations, the open fire was extinguished after 10 minutes, and the fire fighting drill came to an end. At the drill site, personnel from the company’s safety and quality department explained the use of fire extinguishers, and showed everyone how to use dry powder fire extinguishing equipment, precautions during fire fighting, and some emergency methods in case of fire. The employees who participated in the exercise had an on-site experience, which further improved their actual operation ability of basic fire-fighting facilities.

Through this fire emergency drill, the level of handling of emergency incidents by all employees of Compac was tested, the actual operation ability of emergency incidents was improved, and the expected results were achieved. In the future, the company will guide all grassroots projects to further implement the fire protection policy of “safety first, prevention first, and combination of prevention and fire prevention”, implement safety management responsibilities, organize targeted emergency drills, and take precautionary measures.

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