Empty Plastic Box

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Specializes in the manufacture of both standard and customized plastic packaging boxes. ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS: Our products are specially designed for a wide range of industries worldwide. ABOUT OUR DELIVERY TlME: Our normally delivery time is within 20 working days, while most of the time,we can finish them in advance ABOUT OUR SHIPMENT: Factory direct delivery, 100% inspection before shipment

Clear Hinged Boxes

Clear Hinged Boxes CPK-E-5510

Plastic Beads Storage Box

Clear Plastic Storage Containers Box CPK-E-7515

Plastic Beads Storage Containers

Clear Storage Box,Clear Plastic Beads Storage Containers Box with Hinged Lid for Small Items CPK-E-8512

Custom Plastic Transparent Box

Custom Plastic Transparent Box CPK-E-6816

Clear Plastic Beads Storage Box

Pack Clear Plastic Beads Storage Containers Box ,with Hinged Lid- CPK-E-6822

Plastic Bead Organizer Bo

Plastic Clear Beads Storage Containers Box, for Collecting Small Items, Beads, Jewelry, Business Cards CPK-E-13816

Rectangular Plastic Storage Containers

Rectangular Empty Plastic Storage Containers Box

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About Us

Fuzhou CrysPack Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Fuzhou CrysPack Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional package supplier for delicate and precision products.

CrysPack designs creatively and develops with the times to offer the clean and safe package to our customers.

With the advanced equipment and proficient employees, CrysPack produces types of packages and various packaging materials efficiently. CrysPack′s main products include: membrane boxes, sticky boxes(gel boxe)

Membrane Box Series

Transparent membrane box are versatile containers made of various types of polymers. They are used in a multitude of settings, from households and offices to industrial sites.