Clear Plastic Storage Containers with Lids Empty Hinged Boxes, Jewelry, Craft Supplies, Flossers, Fishing CPK-S-6828

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Outside: 68*68*28mm
Inside: 64*64*24mm
Color : Transparent 
Stickiness: Low/Middle/High

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General Series

CrysPack’s general (CPK-S Series) is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our special gel -coated on the bottom.  The surface of the gel has intrinsic stickiness that effectively immobilizes the devices using only backside surface contact. Using surface tension,compenents are held in place and protected, even if the box is tilted,jarred,or turned upside down, yest they can still be easily removed. If you want to offload the device from the boxes, you may use the tweezers or by hands.

Our gel is moisture proof, waterproof, able to bear ozone, radiate and weather aging. And Gel is an extremely durable and versatile material that maintains its properties between -60℃-200℃.

Hinged boxes available in various bottom/top configurations using transparent (T), black (B), and antistatic balack(ABS) materials.

The device need to be packaged will contact with the gel coating. Standard Gel retention levels, L, M, and H to accommodate variations of device size, weight and surface roughness. Multiple devices with any sizes can be packaged in one box. CPK-S series normally have many common-size. If you need special size, please contact with us free. And Custom prints artwork (grids, company name, logo, etc) can be created upon request.

The sticky boxes are also used to package the stones, diamonds jewel and so on. We can supply the boxes with gel on top according to your requirements.

GM1A1309-S-6828    GM1A1310-S-6828

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