Optical Mirror Plastic Storage Boxes CPK-L-B-1-50.8(H6)

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CrysPack’s Optic Storage Boxes are ideal for keeping your optics clean and damage free for storage or transport. The main components of the boxes are thermoforming plastic products which are made with PET-G material. The optics storage boxes are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the full range of the optical lenses, filters, mirrors and other optical devices. The optics devices are held in place on the chamfers, in suspension. The optical faces never make contact with the sealed container or any other packaging material.

CrysPack’s OP series packaging boxes are Safe-Guard designs and manufacture thermoformed PET-G optics packaging containers for the full range of today’s optical lenses, filters, and mirrors. Our unique, slip-fit, low outgassing optics containers are the industry standard for value and performance. Designed to contact optics on only the bevels, these versatile containers eliminate the need for lens paper and foam liners, and greatly reduce the opportunity for handling-generated surface degradation.OP series box has following features:

•   Made from low outgassing, Eastman PET-G material.

•   Sensitive optic surfaces non-contact with packaging

•   Easily load and unload suitable for use under clean room.

•   Cost-effective: package one or more optics in one container

CrysPack’s OP series packaging boxes have supplied to many famous optics companies


CrysPack’s L series packaging boxes are based on OP series that add more additional plastic boxes outside OP series boxes. So it will be safer and looks more grade.


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