General Series


CrysPack’s general (CPK-S Series) is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our special gel -coated on the bottom. Hinged boxes available in various bottom/top configurations using transparent (T), black (B), and antistatic balack(AB) materials.
The device need to be packaged will contact with the gel coating. Standard Gel retention levels, L, M, and H to accommodate variations of device size, weight and surface roughness. The device can be easy to be handled with tweezers or by hand. Multiple devices with any sizes can be packaged in one box. CPK-S series normally have many common-size. If you need special size, please contact with us free. And Custom prints artwork (grids, company name, logo, etc) can be created upon request.
The sticky boxes are also used to package the stones, diamonds jewel and so on. We can supply the boxes with gel on top according to your requirements.


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