2inch Cryspack Substrate Carriers, Plastic Boxes with gel coating CPK-VR-2A

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CrysPack developed an innovative method to pack extremely fragile or thin devices- Vaccum tray, therefore widely used in Semiconductor, Opto-electronics and Telecommunication etc. It is a prefect technology in  immobilize devices during shipping, handling and processing.  A trial use will convince you of their extraordinary functioning.
Vacuum box (VR) fixed equipment during the transportation and operation process, and when required, simple equipment will be pulled away from the tray by the release of specific equipment.

Vacuum box technology depends on changing contacting area of the surface of the elastic film in the tray. Changing surface contact directly affect the adhesive force. During the storing, operating and transportation process, the surface contact is maximized, the device is firmly fixed in the position. When the device needs to be removed , applying vacuum in a hole in the bottom of the tray, the film are in conformity with the shape of the mesh, so as to minimize surface contact.This reduces the adsorption force between film and equipment (less contact point), and easily remove equipment.

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